How Google Optimizes the 2018 FIFA World Cup

How Google Optimizes the 2018 FIFA World Cup

When it comes to Google search queries, some of the most search terms are related to sports, with basketball and association football (soccer for our American readers) being one of the most searched sports worldwide. This month, the 2018 FIFA World Cup kicks off in Russia, which aims to become the largest sports event of the year.

With some of the world’s best football players competing in the grandest stage of the sport, billions of people are expected to watch the games live and through their devices. The 2018 World Cup will not aim to become the most-watched sports event in the world, but it will also be the most-searched as well.

With this in mind, Google has launched new search features for the event itself, to provide users with some of the latest news, game scores, and top players of the World Cup. Here’s a quick look at how Google has optimized their services for the World Cup.

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