What to Do When You Have Pangs of Spendthriftery

What to Do When You Have Pangs of Spendthriftery

[Hey guys! Welcome back to the site our friend Cubert from AbandonedCubicle.com, who’ll be dishing the dirt on his recent travels, and how he had to curb himself from spending an extra $100,000 upon his return 😉 Something I’m sure we could all relate to at multiple times of our lives! Hope you enjoy, and find this helpful!]


In late June, I traveled to Switzerland for a good friend’s 50th birthday party.

Money-wise, things looked good from the get-go: I had a free place to shack up as well as free airline tickets from all the credit card hacking I had done over the past few years.

So far, so good. A cheap trip to one of the most expensive countries on earth – SCORE!

But soon after arriving and settling in at my friend’s smart, modern row house outside of Zurich, I started getting pangs of spendthriftery.

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