The “Buck An Hour” Rule

The “Buck An Hour” Rule

Here’s a new way of thinking about your expenses!

Saw this comment on our post about the 10 things people don’t expect in early retirement, and been stewing on it all morning since…

From commenter DS:

I created what I call the ‘Buck an Hour Rule’. Basically entertainment should never cost more than $1/hour of your income. That new video game for $70 should return no less than 70 hours of actual entertainment. A $60/month cable TV bill equates to 60 friggin hours in front of the boob-toob – practically a whole WEEK dedicated to watching TV (insanity!).

Not everything fits $1/hour (car, etc), but you CAN calculate the cost/hour and see that $600/month for that nice car you drive 3 hours/day is not a good way to spend your hard earned cash.

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