Getting Financially Naked – Round IV

Getting Financially Naked – Round IV

Hey guys!

Hope you had a nice and warm holiday weekend! 🙂

Thought you might like some more goodness to digest today, so let the festivities continue as we serve up a tasty platter of other peoples’ finances!

Featured in this round are: a single 32 y/o woman from Arizona, a pair of high earner engineers out in Baltimore/DC,  a team of lower income SINKs with a disabled spouse, a 40 y/o lesbian couple with two dogs and a cat, a recently married couple in the Chicago area, and a separated 40 y/o whose ex turned her onto this blog 😉 At least he did something right!

No kids in the mix today strangely enough, but the theme here is pretty evident: tracking your money makes your money go up, and not tracking it makes it go down… or at least to places you have no idea about BECAUSE YOU’RE NOT TRACKING IT!

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