You’re Hot, But Your Finances Are Not

You’re Hot, But Your Finances Are Not

[Happy Valentine’s Day!! Please welcome our friend Lance to the blog today who reminds us how important it is to stay away from STDs…  Sexually Transmitted Debt 😉 We first ran this piece about two years ago, but had to bring it back for anyone who’s slipped into dangerous territory again… Always gotta stay vigilant, friends! Can’t be too careful out there!]


There is nothing better than meeting “the one” and falling in love. They have everything going for them in life: great job, perfect hair, amazing personality, adventurous and outgoing, and don’t forget… loaded with debt!

Nothing ruined a relationship faster (other than an emerging case of psychosis) than learning the person I was dating was drowning in debt. Even worse was the lack of recognition when they didn’t think it was a big deal look at more info.

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