The No Buy Challenge Expectation Vs. Reality

The No Buy Challenge Expectation Vs. Reality

Grit like resolve. Determination. Desperation. Perseverance. Accountability. These are just a few words that come to mind when I think of people who take on a No Buy Challenge, such as the Spending Fast.

Before we get too far, let’s cover the basics.

No Buy Challenge AKA’s

No Buy Challenges/Spending Fasts have a lot of AKA’s. Here are some hashtags you can search on social media to find people doing No Buy Challenges: #SpendingFast, #SpendingFreeze, #NoSpend, #NoShopping, #ShoppingBan #NoBuy, #NoBuyChallenge, and #YearOfLess. (Did I forget any?! Tell me in the comments below)

What is a No Buy Challenge? Β 

In a nutshell, No Buy/Spending Fast Challenges are where you spend money on just the essentials.

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