5 TERRIBLE Money Moves that Do Not Pay Off At ALL

5 TERRIBLE Money Moves that Do Not Pay Off At ALL

Have you ever made financial mistakes that you were pretty sure were going to turn out bad, or astronomically disastrous? All of us make bad decisions at one time or another. Either we couldn’t be bothered to research the facts, or we didn’t take in the input of our financial advisors. You may have even even made such moves based on ego, wishful thinking, or fear. In any case, the truth is that almost without exception, we have been there and done it. The question remains, are you still making the following terrible money moves.

Using credit cards

We all know this to be true, but it can still be hard to get your spending completely off credit cards. While advantages like increasing your credit score, or receiving a lower interest rate on your mortgage, make good selling points, Using credit requires a level of skill and self-control appropriately manage your budget.

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