“I will listen to your complaints twice.”

“I will listen to your complaints twice.”


Was talking to a friend the other day on how people love to complain about things but never do anything about ’em, and he hit me with a convo he used to have with his employees back in the corporate days:

I will listen to your complaints twice.

Once right now, and one more time later.

And then it’s done or solved, and you can’t complain to me about it again.


That’ll stop you in your tracks! Haha…

But I love it for a number of reasons. First, it gives you some clear expectations right off the bat, but secondly – and more importantly – it RESHAPES the convo from something not very helpful to something ACTION ORIENTED! All the while still giving you a grace period to bitch one more time while you’re searching for solutions 🙂

Such a good mentality, and something I think we could ALL use a healthy dose of in our lives.

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