Children now average $30 a week in allowance?!

Children now average $30 a week in allowance?!

Saw this in a press release this morning and almost spit out my coffee!

  • Children average $30 a week in allowance

Daaaang!!! Inflation sure has gotten crazy over the years! That is exactly $29 more a week than I got as a kid, and $28 more/week than I got when I was a teen 😉 Which wouldn’t have even covered a measly pack of baseball cards so I was forced to go out and work a job! (And looking back maybe that was my parent’s evil plan all along?! Haha…)

My kids don’t currently get anything a week except for love and encouragement and some good ol’ quality time with dad, but the topic of money has started creeping up more and more now so it’s only a matter of time until we have “the talk.”

And if I’m being completely honest, I’m not sure where I stand on it?

Do I just copy what my parents did and shell out $1.

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