14 Wildly Different Allowance Strategies :)

14 Wildly Different Allowance Strategies :)

So last week we asked how people do allowances since I’m still trying to nail down my own system, and BOY did the floodgates open!

We got messages with all kinds of different styles and theories, ranging from “I pay nothing at all – we already pay for their LIFE!” all the way up to those ponying out $300+/mo whose kids are in charge of a lot more than just their basic chores. (Thank goodness!)

Here’s a look at some of my favorites for anyone else in need of finding or tweaking their own systems. We’ll start with the more humorous ones for all those who couldn’t care less or don’t have kids 😉

Some really interesting ones in here though!! So neat how different we can be!


The Nagging System

A friend of mine has a brilliant method with allowances.  Her kids have tasks that they each have to do each week.

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