Love your 401(k)? Enter this competition to win $1,000!

Love your 401(k)? Enter this competition to win $1,000!

Just got this press release in my inbox and almost peed my pants:

Applications are now open for the second annual 401(k) Champion Award, the only award of its kind given to individuals who demonstrate the importance of retirement saving. Three $1,000 prizes will be awarded to 401(k) participants who complete an application and essay about their 401(k) experiences by Feb. 14.

$1,000 cash!! For basically just LOVING your 401(k)!! AHHH!!! Rub it in my face that I no longer have one, why don’t you!! Where’s that SEP IRA Champion Award??! (**Goes to buy the domain**)

But while I can’t enter this glorious competition, hopefully you or someone you know can! And then we can split the winnings and get half an iPhone each 😂

But seriously, you have to enter –> 401kchampion.

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