Blogging Fast Lane vs Create and Go

Building a successful blog these days is a whole lot harder than it looks.

There are a lot of people out there telling you that you can make a mint by firing up WordPress, grabbing a domain, and then just “sharing passionately” – finally unlocking the secrets to financial freedom that all of us are hunting for.

Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of those promises come from folks peddling the modern-day equivalent of snake oil.

They promise the moon and the stars but aren’t ever able to deliver.

And then you have programs like Blogging Fast Lane and the Create and Go courses.

A world apart from those modern-day hucksters, both of these programs share with you the kind of inside information only actually successful bloggers are able to share.

Both of these platforms are built by legitimate superstars in the blogging world, superstars that built their online empires on their own – and superstars that aren’t shy about sharing all of their secrets about how to get there, either.

These kinds of programs are where you’re going to want to invest your time and money. These are the kinds of solutions that can actually help you change your financial future, usually a whole lot faster than you might have thought possible before.

But which one should you choose?

After all, most people don’t have the time or the money to gobble up all kinds of programs, go through them step-by-step, and then implement afterwards. Trying to find the right one is the ultimate challenge – but that’s why we put together this detailed breakdown.

Let’s jump right in!

Quick Overview of Blogging Fast Lane

Universally regarded as one of the very best blogging courses on the planet today, you get the keys to the castle when you sign up for the Blogging Fast Lane program.

This platform is put together by travel blog owners Tom and Anna, a couple that have spent the last few years traveling all over the world on a budget financed 100% by the blog that they run and operate together. These two are regularly pulling down middle five figures a month (sometimes a lot more than that, too) and have redirected their energy into teaching other people how to do the exact same thing.

Not only that, but Tom and Anna have also had their story featured in places like Business Insider, on Forbes, and on Thought Catalog, too.

Their credibility is through the roof, their legitimacy is the real deal, and their program is consistently reviewed as one of the very best programs on the planet for people looking to get into blogging today.

The beautiful thing about the Blogging Fast Lane program is that it takes you step-by-step through the entire process of now only setting up a new blog, but also monetizing that log right from day one.

The training walks you through the technical side of getting your new blog up and going and then moves quickly into marketing, traffic generation, and then monetization. By the time you’re done with this eight week course (with another four weeks of bonus material available) you’ll know exactly what you need to do to hit a home run with your first blog.

What’s Included?

The entire Blogging Fast Lane platform is delivered via high definition video that “lives” inside of the Blogging Fast Lane Accelerator online education environment.

Tom and Anna move you through the program step-by-step, week by week, allowing you to move at your own pace – speeding up or slowing down whenever necessary. You’ll be able to focus on the lessons that are most important to you right now in the moment, will always be able to return back each individual lesson, and also will be part of a game changing blogging community.

The proven methodology behind the Blogging Fast Lane guarantees that you not only create a blog that people are actually going to want to visit and engage with, but a blog that actually makes money – usually right from day one.

This is all thanks to the heavy emphasis on mastering affiliate marketing, the number one way that both Tom and Anna pull in five figures every month. The goal of this program – something that both creators are very upfront with – is to help you get to (at least) $30,000 a month as quickly as you can.

Affiliate marketing can help you get there faster than may be anything else, especially when you follow the inside info laid out in the Blogging Fast Lane.

But back to the Blogging Fast Lane Accelerator community we mentioned a second ago.

A lot of programs promise to give you “lifetime support”, but the truth is very few of them live up to those expectations.

With the Blogging Fast Lane, though, you aren’t just going to get detailed lesson plans to help you master the blogging business from the inside out. You’re also going to become a part of the community, and organic group of bloggers just like you – some of them brand-new, some of them making hundreds of thousands of dollars each year – that you can interact with.

Tom and Anna are both pretty engaging in the community, too. There’s nothing else out there like this that provides life-support for all your questions, no matter how specific or hyper relevant they might be.

The odds are pretty good that there someone in this community that can help you. Sometimes that’s Tom or Anna directly, too!

At the end of the day, it’s not hard to see why this complete “blogging business in a box” is so often recommended. A quick Google search will show you just how many glowingly positive reviews there are online for this game changing course.

Get your free training and learn how to turn your passions and achieve time freedom through blogging

Pros and Cons


  • Top to bottom, totally complete guide to building a blogging business from scratch
  • Does not require you to have ANY technical skills, ability to design or develop websites or digital graphics
  • Shows you EXACTLY how to choose the right blogging niche, how to inject your personality, and how to craft a hook that helps you get attention in this crowded space
  • Outlines the step-by-step process you need to master to have any shot at making middle six figures or more every year from blogging alone
  • Illustrates exactly what you have to do to turn affiliate marketing into your own personal ATM, pumping money into your bank account even while you sleep
  • Guides you through the entire blogging business process with actual help, live mentorship, and a fantastic community of Blogging Fast Lane members just like you


  • Availability can be a little bit hit or miss, just because the program isn’t always available for sale
  • Price bounces around a little bit, though it does include a 90 day 100% moneyback guarantee
  • You have to sit through a free, one hour webinar just to gain access to the sales page

Quick Overview of Create and Go Courses

While the Blogging Fast Lane platform is maybe the best known and most well-regarded blogging business course on the market today, the Create and Go courses aren’t all that far behind.

Also developed by a globe traveling couple (Alex and Lauren), these courses are very well-made, smartly designed, and also engineered to walk you through the blogging business from start to finish.

The main difference between the Blogging Fast Lane program and the Create and Go courses is that the Blogging Fast Lane is sort of an “all-in-one” kind of system whereas the Create and Go options are more piecemeal.

While you can buy a Create and Go bundle that includes all of their best-selling programs, you also have the opportunity to purchase them individually. Some people find the flexibility of this to be worthwhile whereas others wish everything would have been available for a single low price like with the Blogging Fast Lane.

It really all comes down to your comfort level and what you’re interested in, though.

The delivery of these blogging business modules is very similar to the Blogging Fast Lane delivery system, too. Everything is locked away inside of a members only area, providing you with digital, cloud-based access from all of your favorite internet enabled devices.

That’s kind of cool, especially since you don’t have to download any big files to your computer or worry about losing them should something happen to your hard drive. Everything stays live in the cloud, giving you access to the entire curriculum whenever you need to jump in and check something out.

What’s Included?

Each of the three modules available in the Create and Go “all-in-one” bundle help you to start a blog, monetize that blog, and then build and grow your business from there.

The first module is all about getting your initial blog up off the ground and actually launching your blogging business. Some people find this to be a little bit basic (especially if you have built blogs in the past), but most are going to really appreciate the emphasis on the key fundamentals that can make or break success.

The next module is all about driving traffic, especially from Pinterest.

This is a big piece of the success puzzle for sure. A lot of first-time bloggers focus almost exclusively on creating a good-looking blog, filling it with engaging content, and really working on their writing skills – and never enough time on driving traffic.

We can tell you right now that one of the most important skills you’ll ever have to develop as a blogging business owner is the skill of driving targeted traffic. Pinterest is a game changing source and one that a lot of people don’t focus on enough. That gives you a bit of a competitive advantage compared to other programs out there for sure.

The last module in the Create and Go bundle is the six-figure blogger bundle.

A lot of people are going to appreciate the inside information in this guide. Everything is designed around monetizing your content, monetizing your site, and making the most of the marketing and advertising opportunities available to you as a blogger.

Some people find the information to be a little bit too “high-level” in this module, though. The folks at Create and Go never really dig down into the nitty-gritty of what you need to do to make six figures from a blog the way that Blogging Fast Lane does.

Even still, it’s important to understand the principles behind generating a six-figure income (or more) from blogging alone. While Create and Go may be a little bit lacking when it comes to the technical side of actually implementing the information they share, the fundamentals are rocksolid and give you the basics you need to flesh out on your own later down the line.

One of the biggest issues people will have with this program (especially stacked up against the Blogging Fast Lane) is the lack of the follow-on support or a dedicated community.

That definitely would have been nice to see here as part of the price tag, but it’s not something available (as of yet). Maybe Create and Go will implement that later down the line – and hopefully they won’t charge any extra, either – but until then it feels like a missed opportunity for sure.

Pros and Cons


  • Super slick production values and it’s not hard to fall in love with Alex and Lauren (the people behind the program)
  • HD videos are available through the same kind of educational portal that Blogging Fast Lane provides
  • You don’t have to download huge files to access them, everything is available on your computer and your mobile devices
  • The traffic generation secrets provided in the Pinterest Traffic Avalanche module are game changers
  • The high level, strategy kind of sessions in the Six Figure Blogger module will change the way you look at building this kind of business forever


  • The price tag is a little bit steep compared to some of the other options out there
  • You only get a conditional 60 day guarantee compared to the no strings attached 90 day moneyback promise blogger fast lane offers
  • The information in the Create and Go training is a little bit “high-level”, little more theory based compared to the tactical level details in other programs

Who Are These Courses Designed For?

Both of these programs are really geared towards people that want to build a business with a blog alone, though they do take different approaches to help folks get there.

The Blogging Fast Lane program is definitely engineered towards people brand-new to the world of blogging, but really heavily focuses on people that not only want to create their own little corner of the internet and a community but also want to start making money – real money – right out of the gate.

Create and Go feels like it’s targeted a little more towards people that have some blogging experience already or at least know their way around the blogging scene. There’s also less of an emphasis on making a lot of money straight out of the gate, with a lot more emphasis on the nuts and bolts of putting a great blog together.

Both of these programs are very popular in the general blogging community, though.

They are obviously created by people that know exactly what they are talking about the folks that are making full-time incomes from blogging alone. You get the impression that both couples behind these individual programs really want you to succeed, too.

Neither of the programs feel like they are holding anything back. All of them share the kind of inside information you only ever get actually succeeding in the world of blogging, the kind of hard-won wisdom that only comes from experience.

At the end of the day, Blogging Fast Lane definitely feels a little more comprehensive and focused on generating real money in a hurry compared to Create and Go.

Pricing Breakdown

From a pricing standpoint alone, it’s a little hard to compare and contrast the two options.

For starters, the folks at Blogging Fast Lane do not regularly advertise how much the program actually costs. Some people online have said the price hovers around $500, with others saying that it goes as high as $750 and one even saying that it cost (with all the different bonuses and personal coaching) north of $1500.

Secondly, you aren’t actually able to buy Blogging Fast Lane without first going through the 100% free webinar that they make available on their site. The webinars are hosted (almost) every day but it’s not clear if the program itself is always available.

This means that if you have a chance to jump on board and are even just considering Blogging Fast Lane you want to be signed up for that free webinar well in advance. Who knows when you’ll have the opportunity to become a member?

What we do know about the price of the Create and Go bundle, though, is that it is available for just under $650. The original price came in just south of $800, but recent reduction to help more people make blogging work for them has dropped the price considerably.

That’s not exactly a drop in the bucket compared to some of the other blogging courses out there, but we can tell you with total confidence that both of these programs are well worth every penny.

There’s a reason why people go wild for these programs more than any other. There’s a reason why these programs are more often recommended than any other, too.

It’s because they flat out work!

Final Verdict

So here you are, trying to decide between the Blogging Fast Lane and the Create and Go programs.

Plenty of people have been in your exact shoes before. As we’ve mentioned a couple of times throughout this detailed breakdown, there’s a lot to like when it comes to each of these two options.

Both couples have created something special with their training program.

Both couples share real inside information – meaningful inside information, at that – that can speed up your blogging Journal significantly.

Both couples are committed to making sure that you can leave your job forever, make a full-time income from blogging, and enjoy the kind of financial freedom this lifestyle and makes possible with as little headache and hassle as possible.

But which one is actually worth your hard-earned money?

We really like everything that Create and Go has put out so far.

There’s a lot of energy, there’s a lot of interesting information in their programs, and the way that they have broken things down into a couple of different core programs and modules makes for a very digestible course.

But it just doesn’t have “everything” that we were looking for the way that Blogging Fast Lane does.

Blogging Fast Lane is just a top to bottom more complete course than what you’ll find from Create and Go.

No stone is left unturned in this course. You are going to learn everything from getting your first blog online to monetizing it right away, to the ins and outs of affiliate marketing, to traffic generation and search engine optimization, and all sorts of other “dark arts” of making the blogging business work for you.

It’s hard to imagine there being a more comprehensive course or program them Blogging Fast Lane, that’s for sure. The creators just didn’t pull out any stops, really went for it, and created what most consider to be the very best guide for starting a blog that makes money scratch.

Add in the fact that you get a 90 day, no strings attached money-back guarantee (compared to the conditional 60 day moneyback guarantee from Create and Go) it feels like Blogging Fast Lane is a lot less of a risk.

The testimonials for both programs are overwhelmingly positive. People are a little bit more glowing when they talk about Blogging Fast Lane, though, especially because of the great community that’s available to everyone that joins – even before they finish the actual program itself!

If you’re choosing between the two programs, we recommend Blogging Fast Lane wholeheartedly.

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